Wednesday, 6 March 2013

H.M.F Wish of the Week

Rihanna for River Island

"I designed everything here"
 Rihanna - MTV TV March, 2013

Image: River Island Clothing Company Ltd. 
Double Top Jeans £60 | White Cropped Tee £20

Image: River Island Clothing Company Ltd.
Navy/Denim Zip Front Skirt with Shirt Detail £50 | Dungaree Top £30 | Double top Jeans (as seen above on Rhianna) £60 | Overall Dress £70 | Black Cropped Tee £20 | Black Thigh Split Maxi Skirt £40 | Black Double Tee Dress with Tied Waist £70 | Black Tie Front Boots £95

Image: River Island Clothing Company Ltd.
Painted Stripe Bra Top £30 | Painted Stripe £45 | Painted Stripe Shorts £35

Image: River Island Clothing Company Ltd.
Yellow Slash Back Dress £50 | Thigh Split Maxi Dress £45 

Rihanna showed her debut clothing line for River Island this London Fashion Week and now the 56 piece collection is in stores for all of you B.E.A.U.T.I.E.S to purchase. Rihanna took inspiration from her own wardrobe and set out to create a classic/laidback collection, which as you can see she has achieved. L.O.V.I.N.G  I.T!

Here is what Rihanna had to say: "I was being a little bit selfish I designed everything I would want to wear and for the women that I'm with ... everything is simple, everything is classic I wanted to make things that you could wear ten years from now and ... not have an era attached to it" Rihanna - MTV TV March, 2013 

Here is what I wish for this week from Rihanna's collection...

Image: River Island Clothing Company Ltd.

Thigh Split Maxi Dress | | £45

Image: River Island Clothing Company Ltd.

 Painted Stripe Bra Top | | £30

Check out the entire collection at:


  1. I don´t liek rihanna´s double jeans at all. But normaly her style is just best!

    1. Yep it's pretty cool! Do you like the bra top and dress? xoxo